Tax Preparation

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Small business owners go through a great ordeal during tax preparations. Finding a way to strike a balance between operations to marketing of the product and finding time to do yearly small business tax preparation isn’t easy. Generally small businesses lack the resource to keep a tab on daily accounts. Overtime these accounts add up to a seemingly insurmountable task which would require the assistance of experience and expertise in the concerned arena. Here are 5 tips that can help small businesses be Read More

Plan Ahead to Make Tax preparation Easier for You

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Planning, in general smoothens the course along every walk of life. And planning ahead provides the added advantage of forecasting possible scenarios down the road. Many perceive taxes as a once-in-a-year exercise, but it has all the elements of being a year round agenda. To exercise precaution, it is highly recommended that you keep receipts for all expenses and possible tax deductions that you consider claiming. Scanning and electronically filing for better accessibility will come Read More

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September 28, 2018

Impact of the New Tax Rates on your Pocket 3

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As a consequence of the latest tax reform, there are going to be changes in Federal revenue tax charges for nearly all taxpayers. The charges of some of the taxpayers’ are likely to change greater than others. A closer look into the new tax rates and corresponding brackets will help shed some insight into the possible impact that will ensue. The following tables compare and contrast the changes in the Tax rates and brackets for Read More

Why use a professional for your tax preparation service

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The line of horror movies stacked up for release this year a little ahead of the tax season is highly symbolic of what is to come. Once again, we stand on the brink of another tax season, quite aware of what awaits us. The thought of a myriad of paperwork built around umpteen hours of strenuous study and scrutiny is capable of sending shivers down one’s spine. Redundant obsequious squealing from the coffee machines would Read More

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September 12, 2018

Building a High Performance Bookkeeping Team

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What great joy it is to celebrate our own achievements! But what greater joy when share our celebration with others! While individual goals are more straightforward to articulate towards, it takes tremendous effort to mould many minds towards achieving a common goal. All team efforts require voluminous amount of discipline and self sacrificing. In a world driven by “every man for himself”, team players are highly valued for their traits and attributes Building a team Read More

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